Lets Talk Data 1

Lets Talk Data 1

November 8, 2021

A training workshop created by Tom Watson for social purpose organisations on behalf of Vonne and The Digital Path Finders Programme

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Everything here is creative commons, feel free to use it, share it, whatever it. Attribution required (and just generally nice 😎 )

What is this?

This is a defined as a masterclass. The content used here was (or will be!) delivered remotely over 2 x 3hr sessions. It is pitched with the idea that data skills and knowledge are minimal. Let's Talk Data 1 is a broad look at data, Lets Talk Data 2 is a deeper look at some aspects of data.

How to make best use of it?

You can use it anyway that works for you, dip in and just pull out some links, or go through the whole thing and do the exercises

Let's Talk Data 1

Contents (use the toggle icon to expand the details below)

What is data?
Types of data
Collecting data
Storing and analysing data
External data
Data For Action

The full slides are here

Let's Talk Data 2

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Recap from Let's Talk Data 1
External Data Quiz
Geographic Data
Visualising data
Things I couldn't fit in anywhere else but thought were good.

The full slides for Part 2 are here