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Organisational Design

Organisational Resilience

Developed alongside Lloyds Bank Foundation, Embrace Finance and Marvix Enterprises

The Organisational Resilience programme was developed to support charities to develop their own resilience. It was developed with small charities, for small charities. It takes 10 Principles as the basis of a resilient organisation and supported charities to examine themselves through these Principles.

The OR programme also supported a place approach to examining resillience, recognising that many of the factors that directly or indirectly affect a charities resilience are not always within their control. Through the place approach, people can look at resilience in a cross sector way and develop collaborative approaches to improved resilience.

An OR Guide is include below for you to use freely. We have several facilitators who are experienced in deliverying this for your organisation. If you would like to discuss a facilitated approach for you organsation, or within a peer or place group please get in touch.

Additional OR resources produced through the making of this programme are include here.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Development Partner - Infrastructure Programme

We are the development partner for the Lloyds Bank Foundation Infrastructure programe supporting the development of 15 Infrastructure Organisations in England and Wales.

We offer organisations with a whole range of support including strategy, digital, data


Good Data

We currate and host the site which is an ever expanding set of free resources, sources and reading on data for the social sector.

It was put together using Notion and uses a bit of code to route it through Cloudflare to a custom domain

Collaborative Leadership on Data

This programme of work is on behalf of the Data Collective and involves developing Collaborative Leadership on sector data. We began this work in June 2021

You can read more about this work here

and below

Data workshops

As part of the Digital Pathfinders programme we created and delivered workshops on data for social organisations.

A two part masterclass on data for social purpose organisations.

Part 2 focused on diving deeper into specific skills and techniques

Part 3 was an alternative session which focused on data visualisation with practical examples using MS Power Query, Flourish and Datawrapper

Workshop materials will be shared once complete


Data about the sector research

A rapid scoping research on challenges and potential solutions for improving data about the social sector. Carried out in April 2021 the final report (which includes the background approach) is below. The report formed the basis for developing the Collaborative Leadership on Data programme

Research on CAST Design Hops

Working with Tom French and Renesai we undertook some research on behalf of CAST into their Design Hop programme. This involved both quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as well as recomendations for data improvements.

This was one of the first examples of us using 'live outputs' - meaning we presented back a live Airtable as the key output rather than a report.


No-Code for Good Community

We run the No-code for Good community. Here you will find templates, guides and all sorts of helpful things related to no-code.

The Good Ship 2021

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Let's talk Data
Let's talk Data
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